We're an independent doctor's office dedicated to only what's best for you.  We want to keep you healthy.



Hour long visits! Much more time with your doctor than the typical 7-12 minutes, to talk and ask all the questions you always want to ask.

Visits are always on time and unrushed.

Often it’s not necessary to come back to the office for follow up, we can discuss your progress by phone or video chat.

You’re busy, so we have evening and weekend appointments.


Does your doctor ever check on you, to see how you are doing? We give that kind of personal attention.

You are free to communicate directly with your doctor. Simply call, text, or email us... whenever you need us.

Because we know you and your history, we can coordinate all of your care between specialists or the hospital.

We will help you navigate the healthcare system. Where to get the cheapest prescriptions? Who are the best specialists that take your insurance? And so much more!


No middlemen. No gibberish. No hassles. No co-pays, no deductibles, and no co-insurance payments.

We can handle up to 85% of your healthcare needs, lessening the chance of needing expensive specialty care or hospital stays.

Paired with a high deductible insurance plan (very common), the savings can be huge!

No more visits to urgent care or walk-in clinic.

See your doctor as much as you want for a simple, low monthly membership.

This innovative, alternative way of paying your primary doctor, called Direct Primary Care (DPC), is becoming very popular all over the country and has been discussed in many mainstream media outlets including TimeForbes and The New York Times.

We don't work for the insurance companies. We work directly for you. Our patients actually save money because of Altucare's superb care.

See answers to common questions about how we make health care all about you.