"I broke free from the healthcare machine and opened Altucare, so I could practice medicine in the way that serves my patients best, keeps them healthy, and I can enjoy being a doctor again."

It’s so rewarding helping people make real changes towards a healthy, vibrant life.

When I was little, I believed my pediatrician had special powers. He had a gentle soul and always knew a way to make me feel better. At the age of 4, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. Now, as a family doctor, I have the privilege of being a part of people’s lives in all the different stages, from newborns just starting out in life, to grandparents wanting to enjoy everything life has to offer. I do enjoy figuring things out like a detective, but my greatest satisfaction comes from making personal connections with people leading them to improved health and happiness.

I have worked my entire life to be a doctor and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.  Unfortunately, because of the current medical system, I was becoming burned out and considering quitting medicine all together.  It brings me so much joy to see people getting healthy and helping them achieve their goals, but more often I felt I wasn’t able to do that because the system didn’t let me. With the pressure to see more and more people, do more paperwork and be told how to practice medicine, I was finding it hard to be the kind of doctor I wanted to be and have time for me and my family. 

Last October, all of that changed.  I decided to risk a lot to open my own practice and once again, be the doctor I wanted to be to my patients and do the right thing.  Direct Primary Care is a new concept in the area, but the premise is simple. It is about really knowing my patients and being there for them.  It brings me great joy knowing that people trust me with their health and that we have developed a relationship to work as a team. Now I am a happy doctor and a happy wife to my wonderful husband, Eric, and mother to my 3 spunky boys, Owen, Emmet and Alton.    

The Bryan family riding Thomas the Train.

The Bryan family riding Thomas the Train.

Children of Maai Mahiu, Kenya, Africa

Children of Maai Mahiu, Kenya, Africa

I am happy to be back in the Hudson Valley and once again be close to family and friends.  The Hudson Valley has a lot to offer and am excited for my children to experience it all.  For fun I like to participate in triathlons and half marathons. I am currently part of the Sharks Masters Swim team at the Goshen Aquatic Center and hoping to compete in a few events this summer.

Education and Training
Family Medicine Residency: Swedish First Hill Family Medicine, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Medical Degree: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, NJ
Masters of Public Health: Rutgers School of Public Health, NJ
Bachelor's Degree: Wellesley College, MA

American Board of Family Medicine

“I have seen many doctors, but nobody has been as committed to taking care of me as you have.” D.S. 
“It is so great to find a doctor that speaks my language and understands me.” J.H.
“My son is usually so shy around new people, so I can’t believe he is talking so much around you. He must be comfortable with you.”
“I have never met a doctor like you, thank you for taking great care of me.” J.K. 
“We adore you so much.” M.P.
Dr. Vazquez-Bryan helping for a month at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya, Africa

Dr. Vazquez-Bryan helping for a month at Kijabe Hospital, Kenya, Africa